February 8, 2012

Pros and Cons of Treated Vs. Untreated Corn

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              Have you ever wondered or thought about the pros and cons of treated versus untreated corn?

             The pros and cons I will be talking about are from regular untreated/unmodified corn versus gmo corn and corn treated with pesticides such as Roundup. Many people such as myself believe there are many downfalls and benefits to different hybrids and or pre-pesticided corn. For example corn with pesticides on it may kill many harmful insects to the corn such as root worms or army worms. But this will cause other non-harmful insects to die because those insects feed and eat from the others. I also know and have read that pesticide corn will survive more because it can stop the insects from eating the kernel before it sprouts out of the ground. This is very vital for farmers because if they have an infestation that they don’t know about they could lose a whole years crop! That is one of the main reasons that there arent very many organic farmers around because they simply couldn’t make a living with such bad years and low profits. There are however many benefits to raising non-pesticided corn or gmo corn. This is because the demand for untreated corn is higher than treated corn and the organic farmers get paid more for it at the elevators which helps with the not so great yields and low produce.

             Have you wondered how the pesticide crops kill insects that eat them? This happens through many ways. One way that the plants do this is by the outside chemical covering. Scientist discovered to use this by when farmers were having troubles with there corn never getting up. This was because the seeds were vulnerable before they got up out of the ground and took root growth. Therefore the insects were eating and killing the seeds before the corn had time to take root. Scientist then figured out a solution to put a light dust covering over the corn that would kill the insects if they tried eating them. This highly helped farmers with raising their crops. The downfall of this corn is its also more expensive for the buyer of the chemical corn.

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6 Responses to “Pros and Cons of Treated Vs. Untreated Corn”

  1.   fl1504023  Says:

    Very good blog! I didn’t know how pesticides can kill insects, or that farmers could lose a whole year’s worth of crops if they were infested! Although there wasn’t much of a closing paragraph, it was still a nice post.

  2.   fl1504072  Says:

    You did a fantastic job getting your facts into your blog post, and I love how you inserted your opinions too, but I really want to hear more facts about it. I also liked how you had many questions, intriguing your audience, and making them want to read on. You did a good job explaining the pros and cons of untreated vs. treated corn, and I liked the order that you used when describing them. It really helped me to not be confused about what you were talking about. Fenominal job!

  3.   fl1504025  Says:

    Very nice job. You did a great job at listing facts and asking questions. I learned that if farmers get a infestation that they will loose a whole years worth of crops, I always thought that they would loose a few crops, but not all of them. I did hapen to notice a few punctuation and grammar mistakes but overall very nice job!

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