February 24, 2012

How does cron grow and main nutrients?

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So, how does corn grow?

You may be able to figure yourself that corn needs rain, sun, and dirt. But what does it need to be able to produce the monsterous amount of yield that farmers harvest from it year in and year out? Corn will grow good in every average field for a couple of years max and then it will still grow but it won’t be able to produce the large amounts of previous years. This is because corn takes many key nutrients to grow and after being harvested much of the nutrients get haulled away with the corn.

The main nutrients in the soil that you will need to grow corn well would be nitrogen, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium. With the right amount of these you will be able to produce great amounts of bushels of corn every year. But how do you know how much you have? The way of knowing this would be by contacting a local fertilize plant. They will drive throughout your fields and take various samples of soil with a long prod that they stick into the ground. They will then take the soil samples back to their facility and they will put them through a series of small test which takes about a week or two to get back the results. They will then give them to you through the mail and you will know what you will need to fertilize on.

There are two main ways to apply fertilizers to your fields. There is liquid fertilizer and solid fertilizer. Some examples are liquid nitrogen which you apply when you put corn in the ground and sometimes after, manure which you haul on the field, or dry fertilizer which you haul on the field. Liquid fertilizer gets absorbed into the ground collecting the nutrients. Dry fertilizer sits on top of the ground. Then depending on conventional or no-till you either plant straight in or work the ground. This fertilzer comes in small pieces and will slowly disinegrate into the ground when it rains. It gives off at a slow rate which helps so the plant can absorb all of it. 

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    This blog was full of useful information, and your organization made it even easier to understand. You did a great job of explaining how farmers find out how many nutrients or minerals are in their fields. Great blog post!

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